September 19, 2000

Making installation easy, traveling

OpenInteract is coming along very well. Last few bleary-eyed days have been spent hip deep in making installation procedures EZ for everyone and getting the packaging scheme stable. A product like ours aimed at developers really has to lower as many barriers to entry as possibly, lower the cost of trying it out and getting interested and exploring. Making it easy to install, easy to extend and easy to share code is one of those ways (a BIG one, IMO).

Also good news on the open source front: recent stridency on my part has is helping to convince management that, yes, open source will be a Good Thing for the company. I think we're moving to the 'which license do we choose?' part of the argument and saying goodbye to the 'why the heck would we choose one of these open source licenses?' part.

The fact that everyone is sick, that we're going camping in OhioPyle this weekend (and seeing Fallingwater!) and that it's supposed to be rainy and cold makes me nervous that I'll catch something....

Also found out that I'll probably be going to Germany for a week next Wed/Thu/Fri. For some reason, every time I go over there I can't sleep on the plane and get there at 8 am. Everyone else is ready for a full day of work and I slog through so by the end of the day I'm beyond tired and when I fall into a fitful rest, I have bizarre-yet-almost-real dreams where I'm hovering on the edge of consciousness yet can't break out of sleep. Hopefully that won't happen :)

Uh oh, run-on sentences... time for sleep.

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