September 13, 2000

OpenInteract and SPOPS to be open source

Excellent news -- management has initially agreed to make both OpenInteract and SPOPS open source! I'm working on the website right now -- we want to have some infrastructure available for when -- not if :) -- people get interested and want to use either one of them.

It was actually serendipitous -- I'd written up a document about why OpenInteract should be open sourced, pros and cons, links, references, etc. My team leader (Christopher) read it and sent back some suggestions, so by Sunday evening it was looking pretty decent.

Monday afternoon, management brings up the open source issue, being initially set against it. Armed with the information from the document, however, they were child's play for Christopher. A phone call or two to me and we all seemed to be on the same page.

Now we just need to get this website up and get the stuff licenced -- I recommended Artistic/GPL, just like perl -- before anyone changes their minds...

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