August 20, 2000

How do people use Win9x?

How the heck do people use windows 95/98 all the time? For the few things I use it -- translating Word documents properly, operating the scanner -- it seems that if I leave a program open for any length of time without activity (>20 minutes) and then move the mouse to disengage the screen saver, there's a nice ugly GPF box there. It crashes even when it's doing nothing?

In the process of writing a document justifying making OpenInteract (and SPOPS) opensource. It's very fair, touching on some of the negative aspects as well. But I think all the work I put into developing a packaging system will definitely pay off here.

The recent hubbub about PostreSQL benchmarking made me take another look at it, and I'll probably see how well OpenInteract works on it in the very near future. It would be nice to use a database with transactions for all of our applications, not just for the customers who cough up the dough for Sybase.

Thinking about ditching cable to help get life back in balance. The only problem with that is no 'Law and Order' all the time. But who has time for TV anyway, right?

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