August 09, 2000

Dad's wedding, meetings

Got back from DC last night. My dad got married over the weekend, which was... interesting. The wedding went well enough logistically -- it was outdoors and it didn't rain, nobody got food poisoning, etc. And I'm happy that my dad is happy. But I miss my mom, and it's hard to see my dad with someone else. That will diminish with time, I know, but that doesn't help right now.

Went to meetings on Monday and Tuesday, almost entirely good. (One of the clients actually said, "We want to move all our databases to the web, but we just have so many to move we haven't been able to do them all. Can you help with that?" Wow.)

Internally, we discussed the licensing of OpenInteract but didn't come to a conclusion, which kinda bites. I know that once we release it (along with SPOPS) we need to have some support mechanisms already in place, but that might be fun work, and sourceforge can take care of some of that as well.

(Incidentally, Christopher made some nifty web pages describing OpenInteract from a management POV.)

So, result of all this: Tons o' work for the foreseeable future -- but who doesn't have that?

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