July 31, 2000

Scanning fiend, relating objects

Scanning fiend this weekend. Got all the wedding photos online, at least from the professional, and created step one of a nifty photo browsing application. I probably have more than 400 photos scanned in (old and new) and the only thing stopping me from doing many, many more is the task of organizing them. This project should take care of that.

Faxmodem got fried in a rough electrical storm a few days ago. I am so bummed about that. I suppose I'm lucky that nothing happened to the DSL 'modem'....

Cool stuff with the framework on friday -- talking stuff, not implementing yet. But it should make navigation pretty easy. One of the things we're shooting for with OpenInteract is to make relating disparate things (documents, links, events: SPOPS objects) simple, and not require people to search. (It's weird: IME, normal people never use the search functionality of a website. Never.) Instead, the 'related items' will always be there. Nielsen's 'Designing Web Usability' is a big proponent of this, although that's not why we're doing it. :)

Anyway, the idea is to keep the act of relating objects in the hands of the people who know what they're doing, make it easy for them to do so, and let the information flow. (Kind of like how yahoo ensured consistency by having one superorganized MLS person who knew *everything*.)

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