July 23, 2000

Slogging through the framework with the new keyboard

Framework is coming along. I think it’s really ready to be posted online here now. You can edit all “static” pages through the browser now, and associate any object with any number of categories. So if photos become first-class objects, I can create an association type of “is in” or something, and have a list of all people who are in my collection of photos. You can then just say, “show me all the photos that have Kim in them” and voila! There they are.

This new keyboard is seriously hindering my programming typing. Normal typing isn't too bad yet, but because programming (perl in particular) uses a lot of symbols that you don't normally use when typing, it's much more of an adjustment. It doesn't help that the symbols I use all the time ([], {} and =) are in entirely different places on the keyboard. And that I have been "cheating" in xemacs by using the arrow keypad rather than the chorded combinations for document navigation. So I have to get used to the new kb and forego the arrow keys entirely. Ack.

Whine whine whine. More later.

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