July 10, 2000

CGI trying framework, serious driving time

Egads. Trying to port the framework not only to work under CGI, but also to run on NT. What braindead IIS engineer decided to tie STDERR to STDOUT? Unless you create a $SIG{__WARN__} handler, all warn() and carp() (etc.) calls are put out to the browser! And if you don't print out the header first, the browser will either ask if you can download the page or simply refuse to show it. What a pain.

I will be so happy when mod_perl works on NT without the current request serialization hassle.

Lots of traveling last week to visit and for a wedding. Driving 17 hours to florida (and 23 or so more successive hours in the next few days) wasn't as bad as I thought :) And it was actually nice to get away from email (etc.) for a few days. Although it was a little difficult to get back into the swing...

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