March 14, 2000

Colleague feature request, learning Template Toolkit

Lots of work work work the last few days. Rusty is getting used to Collections and making little itty bitty suggestions that take me five hours to implement… It’s all worth it, though. It’s just as we add more and more applications it becomes more difficult to enact deep changes like this.

Good (if not 100% applicable) feedback from the Template Toolkit group about our problem with re-evaluating Template blocks that themselves contain blocks to be evaluated. Andy (the primary author) did point out that the folks over at ninjacode are using the Toolkit in their web framework application. That might be useful.

I should have (finally) a workable image object soon, and a file upload area via the browser, which should be useful. I finally finished up coding for having separate namespaces within the file upload app: basically, we can have an area for people to upload family photos (and they can create folders and upload files to them), and we can have an area for backend code and testing scripts, and they don't have anything to do with each other. Still working on the separate authentication schemes, however.

Finished The Prodigal Spy today. Unlike Rusty, it takes me longer than a few hours to finish a book... This was one of the few books where I knew way, way ahead of time who the shady character pulling the strings was. I don't think I've gotten any smarter, it must be that the author was just being obvious.

Saw Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss the other night. Has the babyfaced guy from Will and Grace (Sean Hayes) as the main character. Cute movie.

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